Bagdoom reformed from in November 2015. before that, started their eCommerce journey in 2011 Co-founded by Mr. Shameem Ahsan (Former President of BASIS), Mr. Imran Khan & Ms. Syeda Kamrun Ahmed. Akhoni was formed as daily deals and coupon site. But that model was not welcomed due to the lack of knowledge of online Shopping in Bangladesh that time. After a couple of years, they start as standard eCommerce site offering various lifestyle products.

Back in 2006 when starts as Classified site and backed by Grameenphone. Suddenly when was one of the talk of the town for eCommerce there are several other Online Shopping site starts with quite similar names like- Akhane, Sekhane, Oikhane, Shobkhane etc. Most importantly CellBazaar rebrands their site as which is very similar to and users got confused and often they make the wrong statement between two sites and their business model. Then they start thinking about re-branding and go for is a marketplace model for B2C (Business to Consumer). They are catering more and more products from lifestyle products. The model is similar like AjkerDeal, Daraz, Pickaboo, and other similar eCommerce company. With the benefits of an older online shopping site, They have lots of merchants for different products. They allow merchants to sell through their site as commission basis. It allows They used to keep inventory from the merchants and when the product sold they paid the merchant.

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