Benefits Of Customers Registration

Many customers are wary about buying goods from an online website that they have never heard of before. They trust in you to not only respect their credit card details but also provide them with the goods they have ordered in a timely manner.

Keep It Simple:

Registration systems are a great way to keep your customers online; by allowing them to create an account on your website they can access their profile at any time. It allows them to view recent purchases, leave reviews, and makes payments much easier, and faster.

Log In And Usernames:

Some websites work from a username basis, the customer chooses a username which applies to them, and they log in with this and a password. Others prefer to work on an email basis, the same concept but with an email address in place of the username. There is no real difference between these two, however, usernames are much easier forgotten when compared to email addresses, so it is advised that should you use as registration process that you use the email option to sign in.


By using email to sign in, you may ask your customer to perform a validation; this ensures that the details are correct and that the registration ran smoothly. Automatic registration, however, means that the customer does not need to perform a validation; it is down to your personal preference as a company.

The Benefits of Registration:

Providing customers with the option to register makes it easier for them to return to your website and purchase further goods, credit card details can be saved, and you can provide an automatic emailing system so they are informed of future offers, it’s a great and efficient way to ensure you are not forgotten and keeps in touch with already existing customers.

Refer A Friend:

Registration also gives the customer the option to gain further benefits to your company, an example of this is the:

1. Refer A Friend Program

This encourages customers to spread the word of your company, saving you money on advertising. By providing the customer with rewards, you can further your customer traffic:

2. Refer A Friend To Gain 10% Off Your Next Purchase

The process is simple, the customer refers a friend, and if they sign up and make a purchase, then both parties gain 10% off. Not only do they gain savings, but you also gain two customers for the price of one!

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